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Reviews & Ratings for Beach Chiropractic

What people think of Dr. Garry N. Freedman Chiropractic Physician and Beach Chiropractic
DateFirst NameLast NameRecord IDRatingReview
4/01/2018 11:00RayB.1080111ExcellentDr. Freedman makes you comfortable with his pleasant personality while he makes you feel better with his chiropractic knowledge and techniques.
4/26/2018 16:28danielmacione1096611Excellent
4/26/2018 16:29lindamacione1096612Excellent
4/30/2018 19:54PeterGualtieri1096720ExcellentDr. Garry is awesome!
5/2/2018 3:10NelsonMorales1097325Excellent